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1.Goto our Closet Outline Page and print the one that matches your closet.

2.Fax the designs to us or scan and E-mail us the pictures.

3.We will then review it and make the necessary changes.

4.We will Fax or e-mail back the finished product with price.

Design Yourself

Already have a price?

Allow us to quote our best price using their dimensions.

Just verify that the wall sizes are correct

Fax us or e-mail us the pictures and we will return our price.

We will work with Builders.

On behalf of the builders, we will meet with the home owner.

Design a closet according to home owners input.

Then present the finished drawings to the builder,

so they can integrate our price with the price of the house.

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Darrell Farley

Stephen Phillips

Darrell Us Steve